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Matt film PM-2

Matt film PM-2 is substitute brand films «Diamat» and PNCH-KT-1 and for high-precision drawing and graphics.
Matt film PM-2
Film PM-2 differs from analogue favorably with more high transparency (D min < 0,1). It does not have the abrasive that improves durability of drawing instruments. Matt film PM-2 can be drawn with tools as open as rapidograph.

Matt film PM-2

Film PM-2 has good flatness and does not twist during operation and high dimensional stability (2 mm to 1 sq. m.). It is made on heart-treated basis.

Drawing Matt film PM-2 is polyethylene terephthalate base with matte layer coated on her surface which has affinity for various ink.
Matt film PM-2 was tested for a laser printer use. Though desing features of various brands of printers are very different it is impossible using of film PM-2 can not be. It needs additional testing.

Film PM-2 is produced in rolls. It weights is from 1 kg to 50 kg. It produces in sheets. Size can be custom-made.

Standard: 6-00-00205133-27-92.


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