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Polyvinilformal foam TPVF-3BF

Polyvinilformal foam TPVF-3BF Polyvinilformal foam TPVF-3BF is gas-filled polymer material that has three-dimensional cellular structure and high hydrophilic of polymer base. It gets the reaction of acetylation of polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) with formaldehyde in an acidic aqueous medium. Polyvinilformal foam TPVF-3BF has a high water absorbing capacity (to 98% volume and 700% by weight). It becomes soft and elastic when it is wet but it restores the original shape when it is dry. Polyvinilformal foam TPVF-3BF is used as filter and absorbent material.

Polyvinilformal foam TPVF-3BF has a high wear resistance and chemical resistance. Polyvinilformal foam TPVF-3BF could used:
  • as cleanable prefilters for air filtration and organic liquids from water;
  • as drains, wick, roller feed and water transport systems and on its basis;
  • as medium for plants and microorganism;
  • as water-absorbing filters for refrigerants, diesel fuel, oils.
The material was tested and showed good results in the VNIITECHIM (St. Petersburg) and NPO «Kvalitet» (Moscow) as filter material for oil, waste oil. Testings of Polyvinilformal foam TPVF-3BF as filter element to clean diesel fuel in the company shows that could not only to clean fuel of solids but to remove excess moisture and to reduce the content of the fuel contaminants (highly carcinogenic substances - benzopyrenes). Clean fuel has characteristics of the foreign level analogues.

Polyvinilformal foam TPVF-3BF is produced the forms:
  • discs – diameter 400 ± 50 mm and height from 15 to 100 mm;
    diameter from 270 to 300 mm and height from 50 to 100 mm;
  • blocks - 500 х 500 х 5-7 or 400 х 400;
  • cylinders - height from 300 to 400 mm and diameter 200 mm;
  • and other sizes made-to-order.
Polyvinilformal foam TPVF-3BF produced the standard 6-05-2052-87 with changes №1, №2. Warranty period of Polyvinilformal foam TPVF-3BF storage – 10 years from the date of manufacture.


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