On 1990, I. I. Boyko, Ph.D., founded the Technolog Co Ltd. Chimbiotech Co Ltd was formed in 2006 as a research institute with experimental production facilities. At present both companies operate jointly. I. I. Boyko the founder of the companies. He has 51 copyright certificates, about 100 publications (articles, abstracts). He is a leading specialist of Technolog Co Ltd and Chembiotech Co Ltd today. The major activities include::
• Technological research and development, production of chemicals by means of advanced organic synthesis, development of custom-required reagents:
- wetting agent CB-1017 used in micro-electronics and in film / photo materials;
- diethyl oxalate produced with normal or reduced acidity;
- formalglycol – solvent;
- dyes - sensitizers for photographic materials, special-purpose dyes, organic photoconductors;
- organic luminophores used for protection of securities, for non-destructive testing of materials, etc., including luminophores with absorption in visible and infrared spectrum areas;
• Production of polymeric materials:
- copolymer of styrene and maleic acid butyl ester - the main component of film photoresistors;
- drawing film materials on a lavsan (PET) substrate used for drawings in surveying, geodesy and cartography, high precision engineering;
- polyvinilformal foam - used as filter to purify fuels, oils and freons;
• Substances for Agriculture and Animal Husbandry:
- components for disinfectant solutions;
- vitamin H-1 of high purity used as additives in ruminants feed;
- micro fertilizer "Rostaktiv", which significantly increases the crops yield, saves crop under adverse conditions (drought, frost, excess pesticides, disease, etc.). It increases immunity and improves rooting process for seedlings, accelerates plants growth and development.

Should the new chemical substances be required, we offer to develop technology, apply it on a larger scale, fine tune the process and master their production at our experimental manufacturing facilities.

The company products and solutions are widely used in such industries as high-tech precision engineering, aviation, shipbuilding, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, oil refining and other areas.

ChemBioTech Co. Ltd. offers professional consulting in the areas of industrial chemistry, technology development and process design.


We accept orders for production:

  • 2020/06/09

Import substitution
Acetoacetic ether
Oxalates, formates, salicylates Ni, Cu, Co, Mn, Ca, Mg
1,3,5 - triphenylpyrazoline
2,4,6 - triphenylpyrylium tetrafluoroborate
Sodium tetrafluoroborate
Isoamyl acetate
Ethoxyethyl acetate
Acetaldehyde dibutyl acetal
Paramoxyacetophenone (acetylanisole)
Phenyl-5-mercaptotetrazole KF-3577
Methyl 1-naphthyl ether
Methyl 2-naphthyl ether
Ethyl 2-naphthyl ether
Ethyl 1-naphthyl ether
Hydroquinone monomethyl ether
Resorcinol monomethyl ether
Desinfectant "Number 1"
Desinfectant "Number 2"
Formalglycol CAS [646-06-0]
Potassium benzoate CAS [582-25-2]
Diethyl ester of adipic acid CAS [141-28-6]
Ethyl benzoate (ethyl ester of benzoic acid) CAS [93-89-0]
Ethyl butyrate CAS [105-54-4]
Ethyl isobutyrate CAS [97-62-1]
Tert butyl bromide CAS [507-19-7]