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Technolog Co. Ltd.

Technolog Co. Ltd.Technolog Co. Ltd. was formed in 1990. The major profile of its work involves scientific research and development. Technolog Co. Ltd. has its own production facilities for new product development.
Its main activities are:
• Technological research and development, production og chemicals by means of advanced organic synthesis, development of custom-required chemicals (wetting agent СВ-1017 used in microelectronics; diethyl oxalate; dyes; organic luminophores; components for disinfectant solutions).
• Production of polymeric materials (bustiran - the main component of photoconductive thin film; drawing film materials with lavsan substrate used in surveying, geodesy and cartography; high precision engineering; polyvinilformal foam - used as filter element for fuel and oil refinery).

The people working in the Technolog Co. Ltd. are highly qualified specialists, graduates of the leading educational institutions of Moscow and other cities in Russia, holders of scientific degrees with many years of professional experience.

The company products are widely used in such areas as high-tech precision engineering, aviation, shipbuilding, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, oil refining and other areas.


Technolog Co. Ltd. consider the all offers to try out of technologies and launching the productions and groundwork chemicals agents.
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